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2012 model range
All of our cages are now manufactured from stainless steel and TiG welded by guys who weld parts for a major Formula one team.
RAD Paramotor - TiG Welding
The 2012 paramotors also feature a fully removable fuel tank, taking less than 2 minutes to remove without the aid of tools. Perfect if you land out or just for transporting the tank inside your car with no more fuel smells.

The throttle also features cruise control.

As for the future we are working hard on more thrust for our current motors and our second generation motors which, if predictions and testing are realised, will see a further increase in thrust for little or no weight gain.

Paramotor Stock
Now building 2012 RADs Get ready for the good weather!

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We have changed our prices to reflect the governments change in VAT to 20%

We still have our online shop with credit card facilities run by PayPal and videos in the latest flash format.

Flying is obviously a major passion of mine and as a result I have met some very interesting and inspirational people. I whole heartedly support "Flying Scholarships for the Disabled" and their work. Please have a look at their site and FSD information video to see what they do.

Maybe they can help you, or maybe you can help them, I do!

Martin BG