Firebird Spider (DHV 1-2)
A safe performance and fun intermediate glider. It is agile, safe and stable. The swept-back planform gives narrow turn radius and improved slow flight characteristics while full diagonal ribs and additional E lines result in a very stable profile. The hich tech design of the Spider reduces the number of lines to give good glide even when accelerated, so the Spider delivers big gains in performance without compromising safety, conforming to the new DHV requirements. Firebird have optimized safety so you can concentrate on your flying.
The handling is direct and precise, so you can fly a long time without getting tired. Also the fine handling generates a secure feel in thermals and is great fun when flying freestyle. Produced with Laser Cut Technology in the new elaborate Firebird design and equiped with Speed Loops that can hold 30% more load and provide aerodynamic advantages. Moreover Dirt Holes for convenient maintenance of your glider, EdgeProtect edge reinfordement to protect the most exposed parts of the glider and new comfort risers make the Spider a real high-quality product allowing Firebird to be the only producer worldwide offering a 5-year-warranty.
5 year warranty
  Small Medium Large
Area [m2] 25.25 28.5 30.83
Pilot Weight P/M [kg] 47-65 60-85 75-105
V-min [km/h] 22
V-trim [km/h] 36-37
V-max [km/h] 48-50
Min Sink [m/s]  
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