Check List   General
If you follow a regular procedure of preventative maintenance in accordance with section 7 of the RAD operators manual, pre flight checks can be reduced to a minimum number of vital checks.

1: Propeller: Secure, free and smooth rotation, undamaged.
2: Main Propeller Nut and Bolt: TIGHT and free of any signs of previous vibration (A loose bolt will vibrate eventually leading to failure.)
3: Exhaust: Secure.
4: Throttle: Full and free movement.
5: Fuel: Sufficient, correct mix, cap secure, fuel lines good.
6: Harness: Attached, adjusted, all riser points good.
7: Carabiners: Closed and secure, reserve checked.
8: Wing risers: Free and correctly attached.

Finally step back and walk round the motor, are you happy with the overall condition of your paramotor, does it appear clean and well maintained. There is no substitute for experience, your familiarity and understanding of your RAD Paramotor will ensure confidence and trouble free flying.

If you can not pass all the above checks, do NOT fly until you have had any problems rectified or deemed safe by an experienced pilot/engineer.

If there appears to be a problem with any of the above checks and you are not sure of the required remedy we will be very happy to discuss your query and where possible advise you on any of the maintenance procedures you do not fully understand. It is in the interest of both yourself and RAD Paramotors that you DO NOT RISK FLYING WITH DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT.