Flying PPG   The Rules
Flying Powered Paragliders or PPG, is probably the most extraordinary and exciting of experiences you will ever do. Amazing sights and views, once the privilege of only birds, can now be reached by us mere mortals. On top of that, in 20 years, it has proved to be the safest form of leisure aviation available. As a result the UK Civil Aviation Authorities deregulated PPG completely as no major incident has ever occurred indicating a need for regulations to maintain its good safety record. In this day and age, consider how many other sports can say the same.

A reasonable level of fitness and aptitude is required. Typically if you can ride a mountain bike with reasonable confidence and energy then you have a good bench mark for the effort you will experience when you learn to fly PPG. Don't be put off by age. Our youngest pilot to date to learn was 18 while our oldest was 73!

Why fly light paramotors? Small light weight units are so much easier to use. They can't claim to have the power of larger motors (yet!), but that's not what we are about. If you want to carry to a field, take off and land with a 30Kg+ 'Harley Davidson' on your back, then there are plenty of heavy weight units out there.

But if you want ease of use, a motor that you can walk to the take off field with, then glide, thermal and capable of flying cross country for 3 hours on a tank of fuel, add almost zero maintenance, beautifully easy starting, and a company that's always around to give help and advise, then RAD Paramotors is the right direction for you to take to realise your dream of wonderfully simple and straight forward approach to get flying PPG.

"We have the experience under our belts to put air under your feet! Come on in and enjoy the ride"